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Monde Selection Award

Japan Cornstarch Sweetener Products
We have received the Gold Quality Award for
 19 consecutive years.

At the 2022 Monde Selection, Japan Cornstarch sweetener products received the Gold Quality Award for the 19th consecutive year.
Ever since our founding, we have been repeatedly improving our products under a quality-first principle. The products which we have continually refined under a quality-first policy have been highly rated by the Monde Selection as being the global standard, giving proof to their quality.

Grand Gold Quality Award

  • 6 consecutive years

    Nan Dextrin

    Awarded Grand Gold Medal at Monde Selection 2022 for the sixth consecutive year, Nan Dextrin is a syrup containing more than 90% indigestible dextrin per solid content. Nan Dextrin is a water-soluble dietary fiber that is difficult to digest. It is used in many products including beverages and jellies.

Gold Quality Award

Sweetner Products
  • 19 consecutive years

    Oligo Syrup M40

  • 14 consecutive years

    High Fructo M

  • 8 consecutive years

    Oligo No Amami

  • 1st gold medal

    Fructo M75C

  • 1st gold medal

    San Syrup H85C

Cornstarch Products
  • 16 consecutive years

    Corn Starch N

  • 15 consecutive years

    Cornstarch White

Modified Starch Products
  • 1st gold medal

    Substitute for Sago Starch

Monde Selection

Monde Selection is an international institute of quality selection which focuses primarily on the food products field.
Based on predetermined technical standards, the tested products may be awarded a
  • Grand Gold Medal
  • Gold Medal
  • Silver Medal
  • Bronze Medal

A product which is awarded a gold medal for three consecutive years receives the International High Quality Trophy

It is also known as the "Olympics of food products", this is a globally prestigious competition which broadly gathers specially selected high-quality product entries from all parts of the world, and then investigates the products for their quality and safety.