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Privacy Policy

Personal information protection policy

Japan Cornstarch Corporation (hereafter, "Japan Cornstarch") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information in the operation of this website. For this reason, we have appointed a personal information supervisor and are giving maximum attention to ensuring that our customers' personal information is handled correctly. Japan Cornstarch has formulated a personal information protection policy so that customers can use this site in safety and with peace of mind. All information provided by customers via this website will be handled in accordance with the policy described below.

Handling of personal information

Personal information refers to information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses that is provided by customers via the internet from this website, and which can be used to identify an individual customer, as well as other information which is unique to individual customers. Whenever we request the provision of personal information from a customer, the purpose for which the personal information will be used will be indicated in advance. The provision of personal information by a customer shall be considered to customer's consent to the handling of the personal information.

Personal information which Japan Cornstarch obtains via this website shall not be used for any purpose other than the indicated purpose without the consent of the customer. Although access logs may be acquired in order to determine the status of website viewing, the information acquired for this purpose is used for marketing purposes and for website improvements and does not contain information which can be used to identify individuals. While a customer may choose to refuse to provide personal information, customers should understand that doing so may make it impossible to use the services on this site.

Details and purposes of personal information collection

The specific personal information which is provided by the customers is the following.

1) Inquiries
Information collected: Name, address, telephone No., email address, contents of inquiry, etc.
Purpose of collection: Receipt and processing of inquiries, records of inquiry contents
2) Requests for materials
Information collected: Name, address, telephone No., email address, etc.
Purpose of collection: Sending of Japan Cornstarch product pamphlets

The personal information collected from customers shall be used by Japan Cornstarch for the purpose of providing services via this website. In addition, the information may in some cases be used for the following purposes.

  1. For responding to an inquiry from the customer
  2. For providing information to the customer concerning Japan Cornstarch products and services
  3. For requesting opinions from the customer concerning Japan Cornstarch products and services
  4. For creating statistical materials concerning matters such as trends in the usage of services on this website

Provision of personal information to third parties

The personal information collected on this website shall not be provided to any third party excepting in the circumstances enumerated below.

  1. The consent of the customer has been obtained.
  2. The information is provided in a form which cannot be used to identify individuals (for purposes such as the creation of marketing data).
  3. Provision is required based on laws or requests from the government or related bodies
  4. Cases when the information is necessary for the protection of individual life, health, or property, or for public benefit, and the consent of the customer cannot be easily obtained

Personal information security management

Japan Cornstarch shall strive to ensure security by carefully managing and storing the personal information that was provided by customers, and by enacting reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access, modification, diversion, loss, leakage, and similar events involving personal information. When personal information is transferred to the server, encryption by SSL (GlobalSign) and other means are used for operation under the best possible protection.

Changing and deleting personal information

If you wish to change or delete the contents of personal information which you have provided, please contact us via this website.

Protection of personal information at linked websites

Japan Cornstarch bears no responsibility for ensuring the safety of personal information at third-party websites which are linked to from this website. For information about the protection and management of personal information at each linked website, customers should themselves check the personal information policy or related information at the linked website.

Questions regarding personal information

If you have any questions concerning this personal information protection policy, or the disclosure of provided personal information, please contact us via this website.

For telephone inquiries, please contact us at the number below.

Contact: TEL (03) 5570-7000