Japan Corn Starch – For all needs related to corn starch, modified starch, glycated products, and bio-degradeable plastics


Product development capability


Our cutting-edge products including corn starch, modified
starch, and sweeteners are the product groups which form
the foundation of Japan Cornstarch. However, increasing
fine chemical products and the introduction of biotechnology
will produce a full-scale growth period for the industry in the future.
Business focused on the development of future new products will be a
powerful springboard for greater advances for years to come.

Japan Cornstarch is moving steadily forward with plans to establish the cornstarch chemical industry as a replacement for the petrochemical industry in meeting all kinds of customer needs.

  • Development and production of Silver Sweet
  • Development of bioplastics


We were the first in Japan to succeed in commercializing a system for mass production of artificial rice, which we had been researching for many years. A resolution for increasing production was adopted by the cabinet as a major national food policy.


We became the first to succeed in domestic production of cornstarch, adding a new page to the history of the starch industry.


Operations started at the Kinuura food product complex, the only such facility in the Chubu region. It was created based on the Outline for Promotion of Food Product Industrial Parks from the Ministry of Agriculture.

With equipment on the largest scale of the industry, we have established a stable supply system.


Our yellow cornstarch product became the first in the world to receive the Monde Selection award.

With this world-first accomplishment, Japan Cornstarch has made a new name for itself at the Monde Selection.



We became the first company in the industry to acquire HACCP certification, helping to expand the safety and reliability of the starch industry.


Our high fructose corn syrup became the first in the world to receive the Monde Selection gold quality award.

This was a remarkable achievement for high fructose corn syrup - a product where it is considered difficult to distinguish any single product from those of other companies.

Of 14 companies in the industry, we were the only one to receive the 12th award for excellence in food materials from the Japan Food Journal