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High Quality


At the 2015 Monde Selection, Japan Cornstarch sweetener products received the Gold Quality Award for the 12th consecutive year. In addition to the honor of receiving the International High Quality Trophy, we also received the first Gold Quality Award in the world given for high-fructose corn syrup.

We have been repeatedly improving our products under the quality-first principle ever since our founding, and the high quality of our products is demonstrated in the fact that they have been highly rated as global standards of the industry. We are very proud that the high quality of our products and corporate compliance have been praised as global standards ever since we first began business in 1867.

As the top comprehensive starch manufacturer, so that we can continue to maintain a complete supply system and the highest level of quality in the future, we intend to continue with company-wide efforts aimed at everyday improvements and delivering results which exceed our customers’ expectations.

Awards and certifications

Awards and Confirmation

Monde Selection

Monde Selection is an international investigative association which focuses primarily on the food products field. Based on predetermined technical standards, the investigated products may be awarded a Grande Gold Medal, Gold Medal, Silver Medal, or Bronze Medal. A product which is awarded a gold medal in three consecutive years receives the International High Quality Trophy.

Also knows as the "Olympics of food products", this is a globally prestigious competition which broadly gathers selected high-quality product entries from all parts of the world, and then investigates the products for their quality and safety.

Award for excellence in food product materials

The high fructose corn syrup High Fructo M was the only product from 14 companies in the industry to receive the 12th Excellence in Food Engineering and Materials Award from the Japan Food Journal. This award for excellence in food product materials is presented by the Japan Food Journal to materials which are useful for the development of new products in the food product industry, which contribute to cost and efficiency, which promote sales, and which stimulate the industry.